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Mike Ely

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Training Division



The Training Division conducts all aspects of training for Basic Firefighter, Firefighter Level I/II and weekly training to maintain firefighter skills and introduce new training methods and education while keeping all firefighters proficient in their skills. The Training Division also keeps training records of all personnel who are associated with the department.


The regiment for company, weekly departmental, and outside departmental training requires a dedication to enhancing cognitive skills as well as topics such as fire science, strategy and tactics, vehicle rescue, emergency medical care and hazardous materials.


Equipment Operator training is available each Tuesday beginning at 6:00 pm. This training includes apparatus orientation, pump operations, hose deployment and road driving.


Weekly company trainings are held each Tuesday beginning at 7:00 pm. Weekly department trainings follow the company training and begin at 8:00 pm. Topics discussed usually correspond with each other and allow for hands-on and lecture instruction.


Personnel assigned to the Training Division are:

- 1st Assistant Chief/EMT-B Ron Hoffman - Training Officer

- Firefighter Shane Engelhardt - Assistant Basic Firefighter instructor

- Firefighter Shawn Horan - Driver and Equipment Operator preceptor

- Firefighter Ron Kempker - Driver and Equipment Operator preceptor

- Firefighter/EMT-P Stephanie Korff - Medical First Responder, AED/CPR/First Aid

- Firefighter/EMT-B Brandon Walters - Driver and Equipment Operator preceptor